Wood Fence Staining Company Dallas

Wood Fence Staining Company Dallas

Welcome to our fence staining company Dallas. We provide everything you need to make your home the most attractive in your neighborhood. We invite you to tour our Dallas wood staining company website and picture your home or commercial property in the glowing beauty of stained wood. Yes, our wood fence staining company does more than stain fences. Need exterior wood stained? In 22 years, we’ve developed installing, painting and sealing techniques that give you outstanding labor quality. Our Dallas wood staining company uses the longest-lasting stain available. Fences, decks, arbors, ranch fencing and gazebos are among the many items we stain. Free estimates are available.

How about concrete? We also work with concrete. After soda blasting the surface to remove the old color and sealer, we add new color and sealer. We resurface, restore, stain and seal both residential and commercial property. Our concrete services include overlays, acid staining, water-based stains, soda blasting, sealing, driveways, sidewalks and many more.

Does your garage floor need a coating? We service both residential and commercial properties, and wood fence staining company of Dallas hasn’t had a warranty claim in 20 years. That’s because we use only commercial-grade products that last longer than consumer-grade products. We have several selections of materials. We’ve coated garage floors, aircraft hangers, warehouses and retail spaces.

What about your stone flooring? Remember how it looked when you moved into your new home? Dallas wood staining company has experts who can restore it to its original beauty. We’ve been beautifying floors in the Dallas/Fort Worth area for 22 years. Our sealant specialists can restore, clean and achieve a wet look, enhanced look or a natural look.Service is available for both residential and commercial clients.

Would you like your driveway, pool deck, patio, fireplace or some other surface covered with stone? Stone surfaces are beautiful. Imagine a wood fence staining company working with stone.

How about your arbor covering? We cover arbors with a multiwall polycarbonate sheeting that is tinted and has UV protection. You’ll love sitting outside protected from the rain or the hot sun. Sheeting on the sides will block the early-morning or late-evening sun? Our covering reduces the temperature and ongoing staining costs. We can pitch the covering so that the rain runs off. Best of all, you’ll have that 10-year warranty against hail and fading damage. Fence staining company of Dallas provides these and many more services so fill out a quick quote form for a free estimate.

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