Plano Fence Sealing Company Wood Sealant

Plano Fence Sealing Company Wood Sealant

It is amazing what the Texas sun can do to wood and other things exposed to the sun. At Fence Sealing Company Plano we pride ourselves on being able to bring new life to these places with wood and concrete staining.

Our Plano Sealant Company has over 22 years experience in the entire Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex area and a stain and seal company that services all outdoor projects. We are proud to manufacture the longest lasting wood stain in the marketplace. It will last 5 years and is not only used by our company but is also available for DIY projects.

We, as a Fence Sealing Company Plano, are proud to serve homeowners as well as commercial customers with wood and concrete staining and sealing projects. Since we are able to take care of all your needs at one time, you are able to save time and money by not having to contact different companies for different jobs. We are proud to take a personal interest in every job we perform.

Our services, as a Plano wood sealant organization, are concentrated on wood and concrete staining. This can make a huge difference in garage floor coatings, fence and stone restoration and other projects that require renewing. We also furnish power washing, pool refurbishing and any job, which requires staining or repair. We can make a tremendous difference in restoring areas to their original beauty. As a rule, wood must be cleaned prior to staining. We completely clean all areas prior to applying the stain and Plano wood sealant. Our stain is especially manufactured to prevent the wood from cracking or getting out of shape.

Understanding the importance of your belongings, we carefully move or cover with a tarp various areas to prevent any overspray. This includes furniture, landscaping, grass, patio furniture and other items. Our Fence Sealing Company Plano workers are especially careful in protecting your possessions.

Restoring areas around your home with Plano wood sealant not only gives you personal satisfaction but increases the value of the property as well. A business that maintains its exterior attracts the attention of customers or clients. As the leading Plano sealant company in the metroplex area, we are proud of the over 50,000 customers we have served over the past 22 years. We take a personal interest in every customer’s needs and offer reasonable pricing on our projects.

As a Plano sealant company, we strive to offer quality in every step of the job from estimating, sales, cleaning, staining and sealing to assure customer satisfaction. Our success in this effort is reflected in our many returning customers. We will be happy to have one of our staff come to your location and give you a free estimate. We offer a two-year warranty on wood staining and a one-year warranty on concrete staining and sealing.

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