Fence Restoration Stain Repair

Fence Restoration Stain Repair

If wind and weather have done a number on your privacy fence, contact us for a professional Fence Restoration estimate. We manufacture a proven wood stain that will protect your fence for up to five years. Our application professionals will leave your fence and other wooden landscaping structures looking sharp. Because we handle Fence Repair as well, you can be assured that your work will be handled from start to finish by professionals who know how to best apply our stain and sealant product for long-term protection.

No matter what shape your existing fence is in, our team of qualified professionals can help. If you’ve got a new fence that just needs a touch up, we offer Stain Repair for small jobs. If the Texas wind and heat have got your wooden landscape features looking pretty worn, our Fence Repair team is ready to help you out. Whatever your fence needs, we can handle the work. After twenty two years in the Dallas Fort Worth area, we know how to provide Fence Restoration.

Our stains come in a wide variety of tones. From the palest Natural Cedar to deepest Espresso, our stains provide not only terrific color but a UV blocker, water repellent, mildew resistance, and sealant. Other colors include Chestnut, Mahogany, Pecan and Walnut. Each of these beautiful stains offer consistent color for future Stain Repair. Our products come with a two year warranty on applied stain and will give you worry-free protection and beauty. We manufacture and apply the most durable and longest lasting wood stain on the market today, and our product is formulated specifically for exterior applications.

Your fence provides not only privacy but a break from wind and noise, giving you a quiet place all your own to relax. This important feature of your home needs to stand for years to com. If your fence is in bad shape, contact us for any necessary Fence Repair. If your fence is new, keep it in great shape with our sealant and stain. Should your fence be scratched or damaged, our Stain Repair professionals are ready to help. Our Fence Restoration team can provide any services you need. We’ll be happy to visit with you and offer you a free estimate on protecting this valuable part of your landscape!

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