Deck Stain Wood Repair Company

Deck Stain Wood Repair Company

We have been in business for 22 years. In that time, Sealant Specialists has served more than 50,000 satisfied customers with our wood deck repair and deck stain work. We are the only deck stain repair company in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex that can work on any outdoor project you have. The advantage of this is you can bundle our services and save money because you deal with just one company instead of dealing with several companies performing various projects. Any job we are asked to do in the area, we make sure it is done right the first time. We manufacture the longest lasting wood stain on the market that has been shown to last 5 years.

Sealant Specialists, the leading stain & seal company in the metroplex, serves both homeowners and commercial contractors with our wood deck repair, deck stain, and other outdoor services. Thanks to our wood stain, we can make wooden fences, decks, arbors, siding, and garage doors look brand new again. We also can work on play sets, gazebos, outdoor furniture, and shingles. If you have stone surfaces around your home or business, Sealant Specialists, a deck stain repair company, can clean, restore, and use long lasting sealants on your patios, pool decks, driveways, walkways, pavers, and flagstones. If you have a pool, we can perform a variety of sealing work, including salt water and deco, on it, as well as soda blasting. For a cleaner look to your home or business, call Sealant Specialists for power washing of driveways, parking lots, building exteriors, sidewalks, patios, and pave stones. We can also perform graffiti removal. Fence repair and construction, exterior house painting, and hail damage repair are other services we offer. For indoor work, we can do floor coatings for garages, warehouses, retail spaces, and aircraft hangars.

Whether it’s deck stain, wood deck repair, or any number of home or business improvements, call Sealant Specialists, a Dallas/Fort Worth deck stain repair company. We are more than just sealants and decks. We offer a two year warranty on wood staining, and a one year warranty on concrete staining & sealing work. We can give you a free estimate on the work you’d like done. Call Sealant Specialists today at 972-539-6685 and get started on making your home or business look more beautiful than ever before.

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