Dallas Fence Sealing Company Wood Sealant

Dallas Fence Sealing Company Wood Sealant

Sooner or later, your wooden fence will need fixing. When the time comes to get rid of mildew and rotting wood or repair cracks and water damage, there is one fence sealing company Dallas to call. That is Sealant Specialists. We have been serving the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex for 22 years. Because of our friendly and professional attitude, our experienced staff, and our dedication to getting the job done right the first time, 50,000 customers have been satisfied with our work since we opened our doors. One aspect of Sealant Specialists that sets us apart from our competitors is our Dallas wood sealant, the longest lasting wood stain on the market that has been proven to last 5 years. Our Dallas sealant company serves both homeowners and commercial contractors in the metroplex. All this has made us the leading stain & seal company in the area.

Sealant Specialists, a fence sealing company Dallas, performs wood staining on fences. In addition, we can perform any needed repairs to your wooden fences. But our work is not just confined to fences. We use our Dallas wood sealant on cedar siding, shingles, outdoor furniture, house trim, patio covers and garage doors. We can also replace any broken, warped, or damaged parts of your fence, and remove any mildew it has accumulated.

Sealant Specialists, a Dallas sealant company, can perform a variety of outdoor work on your home or business. We do concrete staining of garage floors, pool decks, driveways, and sidewalks. Our fence sealing company Dallas can also do stone restoring and sealing on walkways, patios, flagstones, driveways and fireplaces. Another service we offer is power washing of exterior walls, sidewalks, patios, parking lots, and pool decks to make them look like new. If you have several outdoor projects that need to be done, give Sealant Specialists, a Dallas wood sealant company, a call and bundle your projects so you can save money.

Sealant Specialists is a AAA rated company by the Better Business Bureau. We offer free estimates on any project or projects you may have. Our Dallas sealant company offers a two year warranty on wood staining, and a one year warranty on concrete staining and sealing. Get started on your home improvement project today by calling us at (972) 539-6685.

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