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Stain by Sealant Specialists

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Sealant Specialists manufactures an Industrial grade stain that has been proven over 22 years and over 50,000 customers. It is the longest-lasting stain on the market today. It acts as a Stain, Sealant, Water Repellent, Mildecide, UV Blocker, and gives a Durable Finish.

Stain Description

Beautify and protect your exterior wood with Sealant Specialists Semi-transparent Stain. Our stain provides unsurpassed visual enhancement and protection for your outdoor wood. Sealant Specialists unique combination of UV, moisture, and fungal repellants penetrate deep into the wood to provide protection from weather elements. Semi-transparent oxide pigments combine with wood fibers helping to maintain your wood`s natural texture and color. A high concentration of solids in our stain allows superior coverage. Our revolutionary formula has been proven to be the longest-lasting stain with over 50,000 applications since 1994.

Our unique stain formula offers 6-way protection:

Semitransparent pigments highlight and maintain the natural wood color

Our 4-in-1 oil formula penetrates deep into wood fibers to strengthen and condition them to resist warping, cracking and splintering

Water Repellant:
Long-lasting waterproofing is achieved with our heavy-duty 4-in-1 oil formula

We use the highest quality mildewcide on the market.

UV Blocker:
Our unique sunblock inhibitors create a barrier to minimize the sun’s damaging rays, which bleach out the wood’s natural color.

Durable Finish:
A surface finish gives extra protection. This is why our stain is the longest-lasting you will find today.

Our stain is very consumer-friendly:

1) Goes on evenly (no back brushing needed)
2) Environmentally friendly
3) Safe on all exterior wood
4) Only one coat is needed
5) Easy to reapply without the need for stripping

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